Our Mission

Our aim is to provide our customers with great value on ever-changing selections of brand names and designer fashions at prices that are generally 30%-50% lower than specialty and department store prices on similar merchandise.

We bring you a wide-ranging and exciting mix of products that include many trusted USA and regional brands that cater to your home, beauty, health, and fashion needs.


A Different Kind Of Store

We take pride on being a national, value retailer and our off-price mission is to deliver great value to our customers by combining brand, fashion, price, and quality into one great shopping pleasure.

Everyday, we offer a rapidly changing assortment of branded items and designer merchandise at prices that are generally 30%-50% lower than department and specialty store prices.

We also carry a broad, exciting mix of merchandise that includes many trusted USA and regional brands for home & personal care, health and beauty, and accessories at extreme values.

Our value proposition and capability to give our customers a treasure-hunting experience that no other shopping places can give enable us to attract a broad range of fashion-conscious and value-driven shoppers across different income levels and demographic groups.

Our stores cover a huge space of awesome deals with no walls between departments – a feature which allows us to expand merchandise categories to respond to market trends and customers' changing preferences. We source merchandise globally from thousands of vendors in different countries. We see ourselves as leaders in innovation, constantly testing new ideas, seeking the right categories, current fashions and top brands, and leveraging information from our worldwide buying presence.


Real Brands - Same Quality. Same Brand. Much Lower Price

As an off-price retailer, we believe that providing great value means combining fashion, brand, quality and price altogether in order to make sure that our shoppers get an amazing shopping experience.

Conventional promotions and sales gimmicks are not our thing. Simply giving you a wide array of well-loved brands at cheaper prices is definitely how we do it. We are not your regular outlet store that typically sells merchandise from just a single manufacturer. We offer you more brands from different vendors around the world!


Compare At Pricing

As a foundation of our business, we stand for bringing you and your family exceptional value every day. Here in our store, many of our products include a comparison price which allows you, our customers, to be able to see the difference between the prices that we offer and the ones being offered at specialty shops and department stores. We want you to shop with more information, so we have the "COMPARE AT" price encoded on our selling tickets which reflect our merchandisers’ estimate of the regular, retail prices being offered in regular stores.  There are cases the item may not be offered by other retailers at the "COMPARE AT" price at any particular time or location due to the fact that we buy our products from many different vendors across the world. We encourage you to do your own comparison shopping as another way to see what great value we offer.


Like You, We Are Smart Shoppers Too

Through every season, we are on the search for the latest fashion trends that big brand names and designer labels have to offer— from trendy graphic print tops to sports jackets, casual jeans and shorts to designer caps and socks, zip hoodies and flip flops to designer fragrances and cosmetics, we got it covered for you!

Our buyers are trained to take every opportunity and be entrepreneurial. So when a manufacturer overproduces or other stores overbuy, we swoop in and negotiate the lowest possible price, and pass on the savings to you!


Best Brands. Best Price

We carry a broad, exciting range of merchandise that includes many trusted USA and regional brands. Aside from apparels and other fashion items, we also sell products such as houseware, glassware, dinnerware, cleaning supplies, food and snacks, health and beauty necessities, and more! Everything you need for every occasion, every season, and your day to day lives, for as low as Php 99!

The most common misconception about closeout stores is the idea that generic alternative items, which are way cheaper, mean subpar quality as compared to products that are sold in department stores. While this may be true in the case of other shops, we guarantee that you get more than what you pay for. Truth be told, when you compare generic items to branded ones, there is little to no difference at all. So, why spend extra money on branded items for your daily essentials, when you can buy cheaper alternatives here in our store?


Experience The Thrill Of The Hunt

Our average store receives thousands of delivered items per week. Our rapidly changing assortments create that "treasure hunt" shopping experience that our customers love.

Unlike other types of retailers that buy seasonally, new branded and fashionable items can be expected every week in our store. The amount we buy from each brand varies greatly - sometimes we buy a little and at other times, we buy a lot. It all depends on what our customers demand and love at every season. If you love it, grab it! We don't hold replenishment stock in our back rooms. And often, our store managers don't even know what's coming until they throw open the delivery truck doors! That's what makes shopping here a lot more fun! 


Taking Every Opportunity To Bring Great Value

In order to make sure that you never run out of the coolest options, we take advantage of different opportunities and ways to bring you tremendous value which can include department store cancellations, a manufacturing overrun, or a closeout deal when a vendor wants to clear merchandise at the end of a season. 

The majority of products we sell are brand name past season, or timeless classic merchandise generally sold at prices 30%-50% less than those sold in specialty stores. Occasionally you will find the exact garment displayed presently in a specialty store for twice or thrice the price. 


A Shopping Environment Like No Other

Our stores are the reflection of our capability to adapt and expand our merchandise categories. Our bright and minimalist-inspired store designs allow us to easily respond to the newest fashion trends and changing customers’ taste. Don’t expect fancy extras in our stores – just amazing style, brand, quality and price.

All of this helps us in offering you a desirable and rapidly changing mix of high quality merchandise which are always at amazing values! So whatever your fashion style may be — classic, understated, or super-trendy, we know that you will find something fun, individualistic and special, at a great price every time you visit!


Customers Are Our Top Priority

Our reputation has been built on offering our customers an ever-changing selection of brand-name and designer apparel, personal and home care products at great values every day. 

We love the feeling of finding something spectacular at a price that's equally so. We call this feeling a "Happy Hunt" — finding what you love at a price you adore. It's the feeling that drives savvy shoppers to discover new exciting selections of top designer brands and home care products. And it’s the feeling that we want our customers to have every time they shop with us.

Our customers are and will always be our top priority, and the quality of product we sell to them is very important to us.