Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Are your items original? If so, why is the price cheaper than those sold in department and specialty stores?

Yes, the items that we sell are original ones. We directly buy our merchandise from department store cancellations / returns, manufacturing overruns, and closeout deals (when a vendor wants to clear merchandise at the end of a season), hence, the lower price.


2. Since your merchandise are mostly overruns, do they have defects?

 It is common experience to get items with defects or damages out of manufacturing overruns.  However, we check and make sure that the items we’ve purchased do not include factory rejects before sending them out to our stores.

In case of an oversight and our customers notice that the items (especially garments) they’ve purchased do have defects, we provide our valued customers with an option to replace them within 7 days, provided that the defect is a factory defect. 


3. Where does your merchandise come from?

Our merchandise comes from thousands of vendors around the world. With this we ensure authenticity and quality in every item that we sell.


4. Are your non-apparel merchandise like home wares, personal health and beauty products, and cleaning supplies as effective as branded items sold in department and specialty stores?

The composition of our products is essentially the same with those of mainstream products. Thus, they are just as effective as the others. Mainstream products are sold at a higher price because of their added advertising expenses. Why spend extra money for a branded, mainstream products when you can find a cheap generic alternatives in our store instead?


5.  Can we expect the same stock of items from each of your stores?

Each of our stores actually has distinct types of fashion items to offer. That's why if you love an item, better grab it ahead before it's gone. Because chances are you won't be able to find that item in any of our other stores. 


6. How often do your new merchandise arrive?

Our average store receives thousands of delivered items per week. The assortment of items that we have rapidly changes every time, creating the treasure hunting experience that shoppers love.


7. What’s your Return/Exchange policy?

You can return and exchange an item within 7 days, provided that you present to us with the receipt of the product you bought and that the price tag is still attached on the item.

However, we do not refund. You have the option to either choose an item with the same price or higher. If the price of the item for exchange is higher, you have to pay for the difference.